John Taylor
Regional Industrial Organiser (RIO)

John Taylor has served as a union officer in Aberdeen for over 19 years firstly with the Transport & General Workers Union and now Unite. During this time as Regional Industrial Organiser he has had responsibility for our offshore members.

Specifically in relation to the offshore industry, John has been a member of the OPITO’s board for the last 19 years and at present, he is chairperson of the Offshore Training Foundation.

Along with other Union officials, John has represented the TUC on the Oil Industry Advisory Committee and the Helicopter Liaison Group. John is current chairperson of the Inter Union Offshore Oil Committee and as part of this role is a representative on the Step Change Leadership Team.

John continues to fight to improve safety for offshore workers while also improving our members terms & conditions. He would also be the first to admit that this can only be achieved through the continued involvement of you the members.