About Us

Back in 1979 during the dispute in the North Sea the Unite Offshore Catering Branch came to the aid and assistance of the offshore caterers. It was a time of low wages and very poor working conditions, since then the Offshore Branch was formed and to this day continues in its task to improve the terms and conditions of the STEWARDS & CHEFS employed in the UK oil & gas industry.

Through the ballot system the catering workers are still the only group working in the North Sea who have the final say in acceptance of the annual changes in their terms and conditions. There have been vast improvements over the last 34 years all of, which could only be possible through negotiation with Unite & COTA (catering offshore traders association). For example we now have a higher redundancy policy also a medical retiral policy should you become medically unfit to work offshore and a pension plan with equal contributions, from employee & employer.

Today Unite Offshore Catering Branch offer a vast array of benefits to its members, all of which can be found through the connections on this web site, and at the home for the Offshore Branch at 42/44 King Street Aberdeen.

If you work for a COTA company and are not already a member, come along and join and you to can be part of the ONE Trade Union that does make a difference to people's lives.